Our schools are caring Christian communities where we actively encourage all pupils to learn, reflect and question, within a learning environment that is calm, well-structured and where pupils feel safe, confident and happy. We have high expectations of ourselves and each other resulting in good and outstanding schools; nurturing pupils that are considerate and responsible members of society. We believe our schools are very special – they provide a happy and safe environment in which our children can learn, grow and develop into confident and successful young people.

Our schools serve the local community, church and non-church goers alike. We are passionate that anyone who is involved in our community, in whatever capacity, receives a blessing through the atmosphere and ethos we strive to create. We are experts in how children learn best and our teachers tailor their lessons accordingly to encourage the highest standards of learning. Our vision is to equip children with a foundation of core values and skills on which they can build a rich and fruitful life.

We believe that every adult and child is precious no matter what race, sex, creed, religion, social background, physical or intellectual achievement. We know God has amazing plans for our children and we have a part to play in preparing them for taking up that place.

Beverley Hall

CEO – Genesis Trust